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Why learn a world language?

With dedication and effort, anyone can learn a language, at any age. Learning a world language:

  • improves your employment prospects in business, government, law, medicine, health care, communication, marketing, travel and hospitality, and many other fields
  • allows you to better appreciate a wider variety of art, music, literature, and culture
  • improves your analytic abilities and study skills
  • helps dispel the global myth of the unaware, ugly American
  • leads to better appreciation of diversity and multiculturalism
  • keeps your brain young
  • helps you connect with and befriend more people
  • improves your understanding of your native language
  • allows you to communicate with millions more people
  • leads you towards better appreciation of the richness and diversity of human life and expression
  • helps you see things from other perspectives and understand how other people think
  • opens your mind and your world