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Chemistry continues to have a national as well as a local presence.

Several faculty presented at the National Society meeting in San Francisco. Dr. Jeff Webb, the chair of the department, and Dr. Ericka Barnes, the graduate coordinator, reached out to local businesses in an effort to further develop a relationship between Southern’s Chemistry department and the community. Dr. Kearns, through his connections with the American Chemical Society, coordinated what is hoped will be the first of many middle school science fairs. Even the Chemistry Club was involved helping the students set up their experiments and acting as judges. The Club members also performed demonstrations for various high school students and encouraged one enterprising student to inquire about conducting research at Southern while still a senior in high school. Several Chemistry majors participated in the SCSU Undergraduate Research Conference in March 2015.

Chemistry Department

Recent Departmental and Faculty Successes

Dr. Ericka Barnes conducted a workshop for sixty participants in Ulm, Germany and then returned to the States to present her research, "An Efficient Extrapolation to the (T)/CBS Limit," at the American Chemical Society National Meeting in San Francisco.

Dr. Adiel Coca co-authored several papers on his research into Tetrazoles including, “Microwave Synthesis of 5-Substituted 1H-Tetrazoles Catalyzed by Bismuth Chloride in Water” in Synthetic Communications. He won a Creative Activity Research Grant for the continuation of his work.

Dr. James Kearns was among the Southern faculty participants in the SSI Post-Institute Implementation Grant, “New Method for Attrition Reduction of STEM students.”

Dr. Jeffrey Webb co-presented his work on College-Ready Students at the New England Educational Research Organization Conference in April. Earlier in the year he co-presented on the Role of Gender in Grade Perception at the National Society meeting in San Francisco. His work, “The Role of Gender in Grade Perception in Chemistry Courses,” is forthcoming in the Journal of College Teaching.