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Sciences and Mathematics

Three students working with a test tubeIf you've landed on this page, chances are you already have the answer to these questions: because you want to know. You want to uncover, investigate, take apart the pieces of the world and put them back together. Find out how it all works -- and maybe how you can help make it work better.

Biology. Chemistry. Earth Science. Physics. Mathematics. These are disciplines for the relentlessly curious, the painstaking observer, the bold experimenter.

The biologist looks at life itself. The chemist explores the most elemental aspects of our world. The earth scientist looks for clues in the skies, in the soil, in the deepest reaches of the seas. The physicist probes motion, matter, the relations of time and space. And the mathematician searches for order, design, answers.

students posing with their life-size icosahedronHas there ever been a more exciting time for science and mathematics? Biotechnology, superconductors, the computer revolution. Unlocking the secrets of our genes and the mystery of the stars are all in a day's work for today's science professionals. Scientists and mathematicians are at the center of it all.

Southern's science and mathematics programs offer a chance to work hard, learn the answers to questions you've been asking yourself for years (and some that haven't even occurred to you yet), and, in the process, have the intellectual and educational time of your life.