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Welcome to the Department of Economics and Finance

Welcome to the Department of Economics and Finance.  Our department offers our students degree programs in economics and finance that enable students to succeed in a competitive global environment.  The department strives to provide the highest quality of education through a group of talented faculty members who motivate students by bringing their scholarly achievements as well as their industry successes into the classroom.

Why study economics?

The science of economics provides a useful framework for understanding many of the issues confronting the individual, the world of business and society at large. You may already know that economics offers the theoretical foundation for most of the other functional areas of business. On its own, the degree in economics gives you the rigorous and analytical training, which you need to succeed in today's job market. Sooner or later you will be in charge and your responsibilities will include making decisions on the allocation of scarce resources. This is where your economics kicks in.

Why study finance?

The finance program offers courses that capture all areas within the finance discipline and prepares students for successful careers in business. Our rigorous and well-designed curriculum provides students with both theoretical and practical knowledge of financial markets and business organizations.   In particular, the finance program offers among others, courses in:

  • Corporate Finance and financial management, which examine financing and investment decisions of firms, as well as issues concerning corporate governance.
  • Investments, explaining the behavior of various financial instruments, such as stocks, bonds, options, and futures.
  • International finance and financial management, developing practical and theoretical understanding of foreign currency and exchange rates, as well as behavior of multinational corporations.
  • Real estate, exploring real estate contracts, real estate management, appraisal, mortgages, and financing.
  • Personal financial planning, covering a broad range of personal financial decisions around budgeting, taxation, credit management, insurance, retirement, and estate planning.
  • Risk Management and insurance, exploring concepts of risk management through the use of insurance programs.

The Student Investment Fund

As part of the hands on approach to students experience within our programs, the department runs a student's investment funded, the Ad Astra Fund with seed capital provided by the Alumni Association of the Southern Connecticut State University.

Where do our graduates get jobs?

Proximity to New York, Boston and Hartford present our students with ample career opportunities in the Financial Services industry. Connecticut also happens to have big manufacturing firms like Stanley, Sikorsky, GE, etc. These firms serve as good sources of career opportunities for our graduates.

Thank you,

Adam Abugri, Chair