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Applying for a Certificate/License/Credential in Other States


Once you have completed one of our state-approved and NCATE accredited teacher education programs and have earned your Connecticut teaching, administrative or school service certificate, you may begin the process of applying for certification in other states. Some states will accept a valid Connecticut certificate without any additional coursework or tests, while other states may require additional coursework and/or tests.

The certification application process varies from state to state. Contact the Department of Education or office of authority regarding state-specific requirements leading to certification. If you need the institutional verification or recommendation please include the following information if not included on the form: Name, address, email address, phone number, SCSU student ID number and the last term you attended SCSU. Please also provide instructions on where you want the form sent. Some states require that the student collect all of the information and forward it to them in one packet. Other states require that the institution send the form directly to their office.

If the state form does not required your original signature you may email an attached electronic copy of your application with your completed portion providing the necessary processing information to or mail your request to:

SCSU Certification Office
Davis Hall 114
501 Crescent Street
New Haven, CT 06515


Institutional Verification/Recommendation

Most states require an institutional verification/recommendation and transcripts as part of their application packet. If you need the institutional verification/recommendation, please send the state-specific form to:


You will need to request transcripts separately.  

If you have questions regarding the certification process, you may contact our office by Phone at: (203)392-5902 or (203)392-2695 or by email or

States are continually revising their teacher certification rules and requirements, and the certification process differs from state to state. You may research teaching positions, certification/licensure requirements and processes in different states from the list below:

State Information