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Durational Shortage Area Permit (DSAP)

SCSU Participation for Connecticut DSAP requests

Candidates matriculated into a post-baccalaureate certification program or an advanced educator program, designated as a shortage area program by the state, may be eligible to accept a teaching position under a DSAP if supported by the program department. To qualify, a candidate must be able to serve under their permit for a minimum of ten (10) full months to be eligible to waive the student teaching requirement. The DSAP teaching position must be in the same content area for which the candidate's plan of study for state certification has been approved.

DSAP candidates need to have completed most of their certification courses prior to teaching under the DSAP permit. During their second semester of teaching under the DSAP students will be required to submit their edTPA (Performance-Based subject-specific assessment) scores and they will need to have finished all of their coursework. To waive student teaching for DSAP candidates requires that candidates successfully pass the student teaching supervision (CPAST) by their university supervisors in addition to the 10 months of successful teaching under a DSAP. 

The School of Education or any program may choose to not support or participate in a DSAP request for any reason.  Candidates are strongly advised to consult with their academic departments prior to accepting any DSAP positions on how the position may affect your planned program and academic progress.

DSAP Protocol 

  • Candidates seeking DSAP will need to contact their department chair first, who will then make their recommendation on the SOE approval form and send it to the SOE Dean for their approval. 
  • A copy of the approved form is sent to the student and to the Certification Officer who will then follow up on the paperwork to be sent to CSDE.
  • Please note: The Dean of Education is not obligated to support any request for DSAP permit as outlined in the CT regulations
  • All correspondence/questions should be directed to the Associate Dean of the School of Education

Criteria to Support DSAP permit for Post-Bacc programs and Library Science

  • Candidates need to be enrolled in a Certification program in the School of Education
  • Candidates should have successfully completed at least 12 CR in their program of study 
  • Candidates are expected to finish their certification coursework prior to the second DSAP semester. During the second DSAP semester candidate submits their edTPA and only takes student teaching seminar. 

Criteria to support DSAP permit for advanced programs

  • Candidates need to be enrolled in a Certification program at the School of Education
  • Candidates should have successfully completed at least 12 CR in their program of study
  • Candidates should have successfully completed the key course in the program (to be determined by each program) 

Candidates in a post-bacc initial/advanced educator programs serving under a DSAP must register for EDU 444 during each semester of the initial DSAP and be supervised by university faculty during both semesters. If a Candidate cannot complete their program requirements within the initial year of the permit they apply for a renewal if appropriate minimum progress toward completion has been made.  

Candidates in initial educator preparation programs should be advised that if they are choosing to apply for a DSAP that will be in effect across two academic school years, they may want to have a conversation with their employing district to be sure there is some reasonable assurance both parties understand the expectations and requirements for the student teaching waiver.  If there is any uncertainty, on the candidate’s part or the districts’ part, about their ability to complete the ten months they may want to reconsider accepting the position.  If a candidate cannot finish the ten months teaching experience during the validity period of the permit they may need to student teach to complete their planned program.


All candidates must submit a completed application packet provided by the Office of Certification in the School of Education (SOE) requesting that the SCSU SOE and the Applicants program department support participation in the DSAP program.  This application packet includes, but is not limited to, 

  • The DSAP Certification Checklist -
  • SCSU Department Approval Form -
  • Copy of Approved Planned Program -
  • The completed Original ED 177 Form – This attached to assist you in consolidating processes.  Parts I, II, III, and IV of the ED177 application form must be completed and signed by the applicant while the Employing Agent must complete Parts V, VI, and Part A of the application along with appropriate original signatures in the appropriate designated sections.  If the Employing District submits or has submitted the original ED177 Form directly to the state, then the applicant must obtain and submit a full and clear copy of Parts I - VI of the ED177 marked “COPY” and Part A with appropriate original signatures by the Employing District.
  • Official Transcripts – If the Candidate is submitting an original ED177 Form, transcripts will need to be included with the packet that can be forwarded to the state with the completed original application.  This would include a SCSU transcript and transcripts from any other colleges or universities attended.

                                                               PROCESSING THE ED177 APPLICATION

Incomplete application packets are not accepted by the Certification Office.  Application packets are processed once a completed packet is received.  Parts B & C of the ED177 application are completed, signed, given the University Seal, and sent directly to the CT-DOE with any provided transcripts and supporting documents.  Two copies of the completed application are also sent to the applicant.

 Once the candidate receives the Durational Permit from the CT-DOE he/she must submit a copy of that permit to the Certification Office in order to validate the starting date of the ten months of teaching experience. The ten month experience clock does not start until the issue date of the permit.


 Candidates in initial educator programs serving under a DSAP must register for EDU 444 during each semester of the initial DSAP and be supervised by university faculty during both semesters. Once the ED177 application has been submitted to the CT-DOE the Certification Officer enters into the University Banner System the Approval to Enroll in the EDU 444 Course for the current semester and sends the candidate an email notifying them of the action. The candidate is also informed that they may now be able to contact the Registrar’s Office and initiate the registration process for the course.  Depending on the time of year or point in the semester there may be late registration permission steps and fees that will need to be taken care of and addressed.

At the same time Candidates should have registered for the appropriate seminar class as that is the support class to be attending with the other student teachers during the initial semester.

 Application Packet Forms 

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