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Welcome! The faculty and students of the SCSU Counseling and School Psychology Department wish to thank you for your generous contribution of valuable time in serving as an on-site supervisor for one of our practicum or internship students. Your efforts help promote excellence in the field of Counseling, and the supervisory role you play will elevate the quality of education and directly impact the professional development of the fieldwork student you work with at your site.

As you may know, the counseling programs at SCSU are accredited by the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP). CACREP standards state that all on-site supervisors must receive orientation, assistance, and consultation regarding clinical supervision of interns and our program. A faculty member from the university designated as the Field Site Supervisor will be in touch with site supervisors periodically throughout the placement to provide whatever assistance you may need and to identify how the fieldwork student is doing at your site. In addition, this site has been developed to provide some basic information about clinical supervision, and resources related to providing supervision. We hope you will find it both convenient and informative.

The following information includes an overall orientation and training for all on-site supervisors. All of the information on this web site is relevant for both school and clinical mental health agency supervisors.

credential submission

If you wish to serve as a site supervisor in the future for SCSU Counseling and School Psychology Practicum and/or Internship students, please complete this questionnaire. You will be asked to enter information about your place of employment, professional role, years of experience, academic degrees and professional credentials. Faculty will evaluate each potential supervisor's academic and professional credentials to ensure that all approved supervisors hold the necessary credentials required by the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP) to supervise pre-service counselors enrolled in practicum or internship. This is the first step to becoming a supervisor. If you feel concerned that your questionnaire did not submit correctly or if you have other questions, please feel free to contact the SC Program Coordinator.

SC Practicum and Internship Handbook

SC Fieldwork Handbook

This handbook contains the policies, procedures, and forms relevant to the School Counseling field placement. If you are a School Counseling Site Supervisor, please download the handbook and review it to make sure that you understand all expectations and requirements of the Site Supervisor and Site.



Supervision 101

Supervision 101 Course

This document contains the counseling supervision course readings. We would like to thank Dr. Gerard Lawson and Virginia Tech for allowing us to use their training materials. All supervisors should download and read this document.




There are two components of the SC Supervision 101 course assessment: 1) knowledge of the specific policies and procedures related to the SC program at SCSU, and 2) theories and process of Counseling Supervision as presented in the Supervision 101 course. Please take the assessment here. Once you have submitted your assessment, the SC Fieldwork Coordinator will send you a certificate of completion and your CEU.

Evaluation of Course

To receive your NBCC CEU, please make sure to complete the evaluation here. Once everything has been received, you will be sent your certificate via email.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: As the student's site supervisor, do I need to review the tapes with the student?
A: No, you do not need to review any tapes with the student. During University faculty supervision, tapes will be reviewed.

Q: When should I contact the faculty supervisor?
A: Please feel free to contact the faculty supervisor at anytime during the semester. We want to have a collaborative working relationship and be proactive in all situations. We ask that you always contact us when you have any questions, concerns, or dispositional issues with the student.

Q: How can I contact the faculty supervisor?
A: Within the Fieldwork contract, the University Supervisor will be identified and their contact information will be listed.

Q: At the end of the semester, how should I turn in the student's evaluation form?
A: Our students' evaluation forms are all electronic. When it is time during the semester to complete an evaluation, you will be sent an email with directions on how to complete the electronic form.

Q: Will SCSU faculty visit the student during the semester?
A: We will come for a site visit once during the semester.

Q: What is my role as the supervisor during the site visit?
A: We would like you to provide us with any important information regarding the supervision of the student, including your evaluations, any concerns you have or questions about departmental policies.