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Cynthia McDanielsCynthia McDaniels, Ph.D.

Professor, Chair
University of Maryland-College Park
Areas of Interest: Foundations of Education,Teacher Leadership, Curriculum Development, Social Justice, Service Learning, and International Education

Sousan ArafehSousan Arafeh, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Coordinator of Ed.D. Doctoral Program
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Areas of Interest: Education Policy, Technology in Education, Evaluation, Education and the Future, Qualitative Methods, Alternative Educational Approaches/Informal Education, Parent/Student Voices

Jess GregoryJess Gregory, Ed.D.

Associate Professor
University of Bridgeport
Areas of Interest: Urban Education, Active Learning, Integrating Technology, Study Skills, and Teacher Attitudes Towards Inclusion

Norris Haynes, Ph.D.

Howard University & Post-Doctoral Fellow in Psychology, Yale University
Areas of Interest: School Climate, Social and Emotional Learning & Resilience, Student Achievement and Achievement Motivation

Emru KiydalEmrullah Kiydal, Ed.D.

Assistant Professor
Oakland City University
Areas of Interest: Leadership Development, Student Achievement, Leadership Practice, Urban Education, Special Education and School Climate.

Peter MadoniaPeter Madonia, Ed.D.

Associate Professor
University of Sarasota
Areas of Interest: School Improvement and Planning, Public School Governance, School and District Leadership, Strategic Planning, School Finance

Elsie A. Rogers Halliday Okobi, Ed.D., MLS, MSIS

Nova Southeastern University, University of Pittsburgh
Areas of interest: Information Literacy, Technology Fluency, International Education, Application of Technology to Professional Development and continuing education for In-service personnel, Digital Information Management.

Gladys LabasGladys Labas, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
University of Connecticut.
Areas of Interest: Second Language Acquisition, Multiculturalism, Curriculum, School Leadership, Professional Development, Urban Education, Special Education and Supervision.

Trombly HeadshotChristopher E. Trombly, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Boston College
Areas of Interest:Public Policy, Leadership for School Improvement, The Needs of Students with Disabilities and of Their Families, and Complex Adaptive Systems

Olcay YavuzOlcay Yavuz, Ed.D.

Assistant Professor

Rutgers State University
Areas of Interest: The framework for building high-quality professional learning systems, designing comprehensive student services, program evaluation and educational leadership for school improvement.