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Elementary Education Program Requirements

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Program Admissions

 To be admitted to the undergraduate Elementary Education program, students must first be accepted to the University. The undergraduate catalog and application are available from the Admissions Office at 203.392.5656 or from SCSU website at

In addition, students must meet the following requirements established by the School of Education and consistent with certification requirements in the State of Connecticut:

    1. Pass the state-mandated skills examination (Praxis I) in mathematics, reading, and writing. Information on Praxis I can be found at or at The Praxis exam can be waived if (a) you present a combined score of 1,100 or higher on the SAT with no less than a score of 400 on the both the verbal and math sections; or (b) present a composite score of 24 or more on the ACT with no less than 22 on the English subtest and no less than 19 on the math subtest.

    2. Maintain a minimum 2.7 QPR (B- overall average) for all undergraduate courses (including all coursework from other colleges and universities). 

    3. Completed the following classes prior to admission to the program:
      • EDU 200 Principles of Education
      • SED 225 Introduction to Exceptionalities
      • MAT 105 Mathematics for Elementary Education
      • ENG 112- Composition II.
    4.  Complete a written essay.

    5. Submit two letters of recommendation.

    6. Complete an interview and portfolio review with the admissions committee.

Retention Policy

  1. Candidates must maintain a 2.7 QPR (B-) and receive final grades of “C” or better in all EDU/SED courses.

    • Any candidate who receives a final grade of “C-“ or lower in an EDU or SED course must retake the course and may continue in the program if s/he earns a “C” or better.
    • If a candidate falls below the 2.7 QPR, s/he is placed on School of Education Academic Probation and has one semester to raise the QPR to 2.7 or higher. Failure to do so results in dismissal from the School of Education.
  2. All candidates must also demonstrate professional dispositions or conduct throughout their program of study.nk

    • Failure to demonstrate the necessary values, commitments, and professional ethics expected of teachers can lead to a recommendation for dismissal from the program.
    • A departmental committee, the Student Evaluation and Advisement Committee (SEAC), addresses concerns related to conduct and academics and charts a course for improvement.


Upon successful completion of the program, students will be recommended for certification. A positive recommendation for certification requires that candidates:

  1. Complete state and university General Education Program or Liberal Arts Program Requirements.
  2. Successfully complete a content area major outside the field of Education.
  3. Successfully complete all required professional courses and student teaching experiences.
  4. Candidates must pass the following two PRAXIS II tests either before or during their student teaching semester:Pass The Connecticut Foundations of Reading Test. Information about this test can be found at
    • Elementary Education: Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment (#0011)
    • Elementary Education: Content Area Exercises (#0012)
    • Information about PRAXIS II can be obtained from
  5. Pass The Connecticut Foundations of Reading Test. Information about this test can be found at


Dr. Helen Marx, Undergraduate Coordinator
Davis Hall 115G, Department of Elementary Education
Southern Connecticut State University
New Haven, CT 06515
Telephone: (203) 392-6654 
Fax: (203) 392-6473                         


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