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background checks and fingerprinting

 Effective July 1, 2010, Connectictut law requires all students in teacher/educator certification programs to undergo state and national criminal history background checks before participating in school-based field experiences and student teaching. The procedures for obtaining the background checks and the length of time they are valid will be established by the State Department of Education and cannot be altered. You will be responsible for the cost of the background check and will be provided with the necessary consent form and other documents need to conduct it. As part of the background check, you will need to be fingerprinted. If you fail to pass the background check, you may be unable to complete your chosen degree program at Southern Connecticut State University. The University will not be responsible for your inability to complete your chosen degree program. The School of Education Student Teaching office will make every reasonable attempt to place you; however, if you do not pass the required background/fingerprint check and we cannot place you, you will be unable to complete your program. 

To assist you in completing this requirement, we have contacted ACES - one of the Regional Educational Service Centers (RESCs). ACES will be able to share your background check with other RESCs. 

To make an appointment to have your printing /background check done at ACES, click here.

Background check and fingerprinting will need to be completed each year.