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Center for Communication disorders - Policy and Procedures Manual


Policy Area: Program Administration

Policy 010: Center Mission and Program Goals

Policy 020: Organizational Structure

Policy 030: Center Staff - Center Director

Policy 040: Center Staff - Position Descriptions

Policy 050: Staff Personnel Practices

Policy 060: Staff Communication and Evaluation

Policy 070: Code of Ethics

Policy 080: Hours of Operation and Personnel Work Schedules

Policy 200: Annual Report

Policy 210: Center Staff Meetings

Policy 230: Equipment and Materials

Policy 250: Compliance

Policy 260: Non-Discrimination

Policy 290: Fire and Medical Emergencies


Police Area: Quality Assurance

Policy 310: Center Program Evaluation


Policy Area: Program Services

Policy 090: Range of Services

Policy 100: Continuity of Case Management

Policy 110: Client Intake

Policy 120: Diagnostic Services: Speech-Language Pathology

Policy 121: Diagnostic Services: Audiology

Policy 122: Re-evaluation

Policy 130: Treatment

Policy 140: Client Records

Policy 150: Confidentiality of Client Records

Policy 160: Center for Communication Disorders Fees

Policy 161: Southern Connecticut Audiology Services Fees

Policy 170: Referral

Policy 175: Waiting List

Policy 180: Client Discharge

Policy 190: Professional Consultation

Policy 220: Supervision of Clinical Activities

Policy 240: Audiology Equipment Calibration and Maintenance


Policy Area: Professional Concerns

Policy 270: Continuing Education

Policy 280: Community Relations