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Exercise Science Minors

The Exercise Science Department offers four exciting minors for Interdisciplinary Studies majors or any university students who are interested in learning more about fields within Exercise Science. For more information about these minors, please contact the Exercise Science Department Chairperson at

Coaching Minor

Coaching is an important career choice. Students will gain an in-depth knowledge into coaching through the study of sociological, psychological, medical and physical areas.  Coaching strategies, principles and perspectives from the individual, dual and team sport will be introduced. This minor is open to students from all majors interested in pursuing coaching.

 EXS 184 – Introduction to Athletic Care and Prevention        

EXS 280 – Survey of Anatomy and Physiology

EXS 370 – Coaching Individual, Dual and Team Sports         

EXS 380 – Sport Psychology

EXS 480 – Motor Learning and Development

PCH 200 – Introduction to Nutrition

Exercise Science Minor

The minor, consisting of 18 credits, addresses the foundations of exercise science. The student completes the required courses: EXS 281, EXS 282, EXS 301, EXS 380, EXS 383, and EXS 384. For professional specialization, the student is then encouraged to elect to complete 2 additional courses from the list of electives.

EXS 281 — Anatomy and Physiology I

EXS 282 — Anatomy and Physiology II

EXS 301 — Exercise and Nutrition

EXS 380 — Sport Psychology

EXS 383 — Biomechanics

EXS 384 — Physiology of Exercise

Select two courses from the following: EXS 184 — Introduction to Athletic Injury Care and Prevention EXS 381 — Sports Medicine EXS 386 — Fitness Management EXS 389 — Exercise Physiology II EXS 480 — Motor Learning and Development EXS 485 — Tests and Measurements

 School Health Education Minor                                                                          

The School Health program is offered at the undergraduate level as a minor. This minor, consisting of 18 credits, offers basic preparation in health education to individuals desiring to teach health in public schools.

SHE 203 School Health

SHE 301 Drug Education 

SHE 302 Mental Health 

SHE 389 - Holistic Health 

SHE 400 - Family Health

SHE 411 -  Health Teaching in Secondary Schools

 Sport Studies Minor

An interdisciplinary approach, which will provide the student insight into the study of sport. Students will focus on history, culture, ethical, race, class, gender and other approaches related to the study of sport and human athletic performance.

EXS 370 Coaching Individual, Dual and Team Sports

EXS 380 Sport Psychology

EXS 492 Principles of Sport Studies

EXS 496 Sport in American Culture

GEO 265 Recreation Geography

HIS 220 Sport in US History