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School Health Education

The School Health Education Program at Southern Connecticut State University is committed to excellence in the preparation of professional, graduate-level school health educators. The program utilizes a variety of sources and a philosophy of health education to develop its knowledge base, goals, and objectives.

Graduate Program

The School Health Program is also offered at the graduate level. The Master of Science in School Health Education is designed to provide students with the necessary academic background to teach Health Education in grades pre-kindergarten through 12 and to plan, implement, and assess health education programs in the schools. Students completing the program may then obtain  a secondary endorsement in School Health.


The School of Health Education program is offered at the undergraduate level as a minor. This minor, consisting of 18 credits, offers basic preparation in health education to individuals desiring to teach health in public schools. 

Learn more about our program's missionphilosophy, and goals and objectives.


Dr. Bonnie Edmondson, Program Coordinator 
School Health Education Program
Southern Connecticut State University
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New Haven, CT 06515

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