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Today, nurses work in diverse roles and settings. We have tried to compile some career profiles which you may be interested in. Some of these profiles list job description, advice, salary range, favorite aspects of the work, and challenging aspects.

  • Staff nurselab
  • Family nurse practitioner
  • Clinical Nurse Leader
  • Nurse working in the military
  • Nurses working in an academic setting as a nurse educator
  • Nurse working as a geriatric nurse practitioner
  • Pediatric nurse who works with children who have cancer
  • Nurse working in intensive care
  • Nurse working in the emergency department
  • Nurse working in parish nursing
  • Nurse working in a correctional facility

Know Yourself!

Since Americans tend to expect fulfillment from their jobs, and generally are not happy unless they are doing work that they enjoy, it is crucial to determine careers that you will find interesting and fulfilling. It is important to find a career that is harmonious with your personality, preferences, and abilities. How can you do this in an efficient way? Most people simply try one job after another, until they find one that they enjoy. We suggest a shortcut.

If you are a student at Southern, there are several ways to discover the kinds of careers that you find interesting and fulfilling. We suggest that you take advantage of these resources as soon as possible.

Career Services is located in Wintergreen and may be reached at (203) 392-6536. This office provides information about potential jobs for graduates, cooperative education programs, employer recruitment at SCSU, and resume writing for specific positions. Additionally this is a place to learn more about yourself and what kind of careers might be of interest to you.  Career Services offers individual counseling and computer access to career information.  You may walk in or make an appointment with a counselor about where you are in your academic life and thoughts you might have about yourself and future career. offers a Job Resource Center  which provides employment, networking and scholarship tools to students, alumni and employers.  For the Job Resource Center follow the below link:

Additional Career Links:


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