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Mu Beta Chapter

The Department of Nursing has an established chapter, Mu Beta Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of nursing. The chapter is active on a local, regional, and international level. Select students with superior academic achievement and leadership potential are invited to the membership during their nursing studies.


mu beta chapter sigma theta tau international scholarships

Diane Newman Undergraduate Scholarship Award named after the faculty member who was instrumental in establishing the Mu Beta Chapter at Southern Connecticut State University.
Applicants for this award must meet the following criteria: A) Have an overall QPR of 3.5 and a minimum QPR of 3.0 in nursing; B) Clearly articulate a commitment to nursing through written statement; C) Provide faculty recommendations; D) Provide an official transcript. Deadline for submission of application to be determined at a later date.

Angela Vicenzi Graduate Research Award is also named for a faculty member who assisted in the establishment of the Mu Beta Chapter at SCSU. The goal of this award is to encourage research by graduate students and other qualified nurses in graduate nurse programs. Graduate students and non-student nurses who are active members of Mu Beta and who are engaged in clinical research are also eligible to apply for this award. Applicants for this award must meet the following criteria: A) Have an overall minimum QPR of 3.75 (applicable to graduate students only); B) Have a clearly articulated written research proposal following a prescribed format; C) The proposal should have received university IRB approval; D) Demonstrate the significance of the research to the advancement of nursing knowledge and/or public benefit; E) Submit a research project budget. This award may be offered twice a year; deadline for submission of applications is not determined as yet.

Immaculata M. Alba Excellence in Nursing Practice Award is named for one of the original faculty members who helped to establish the nursing program at SCSU. The purpose for this award is to recognize excellence in nursing practice through the use of creative approaches to nursing care that contribute to quality patient care. Self nominations are acceptable. Applicants for this award must be able to demonstrate the following criteria: A) Be an active member of Mu Beta Chapter; B) Be employed in a nursing proactive setting for a minimum of two years; C) Demonstrate implementation of creative approaches to nursing practice that have contributed to quality patient care; D) Demonstrate professional leadership in the practice of clinical nursing; E) Demonstrate a willingness to enhance the image of nursing through participation in professional organizations. The successful applicant will be recognized at a Mu Beta meeting (date to be announced).