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A resource page for any student interested in pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree at Southern Connecticut State University.

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Pathway I:  A direct admit pre-nursing student is defined as an individual who was admitted to the nursing program directly from high school. Direct Admit students receive a letter of admission from the Department Chairperson prior to the start of their studies at SCSU.  Direct Admit students will not have to apply to the nursing program a second time and are considered nursing majors from day one of their academic careers.  Direct Admit students will be advised by nursing faculty even throughout the first two years while completing university liberal education requirements and nursing prerequisite coursework.  Those accepted as Direct Admit students will make up approximately half of the nursing cohort beginning the upper level nursing curriculum junior year.

Pathway II:  Students not admitted to the B.S. Nursing program directly from high school will be able to apply to the nursing program after having met the nursing application requirements through college coursework.  Those accepted through this pathway will make up approximately half of the nursing cohort beginning the upper level nursing curriculum junior year. 

The nursing program takes two years to complete full time and begins junior year; therefore, the first two years of college will be spent on university liberal education requirements and nursing prerequisite coursework.  If students meet the nursing application eligibility, they may submit an application to the nursing program regardless of their current major; however, starting Fall 2019, it is strongly recommended that students declare the B.S. Healthcare Studies degree program.  This program includes the necessary prerequisite coursework for the nursing program with optimal advisement towards the nursing application and provides students with an opportunity to be a part of a healthcare major while completing the first two year requirements for the nursing program.  For an example of an academic map for Healthcare Studies with "PNUR" indicating nursing prerequisite courses within the first two years, click here.   If a student should choose to begin in a different major, they would not receive advisement specific to the nursing requirements. 

*Until fall 2020, enrolled students interested in applying to the nursing program may still choose to complete their first two years and receive their nursing application advisement as a "pre-nursing" student.  Please know that this pre-nursing option is not a major, but prior to fall 2019, it was the only way to identify students interested in applying to the nursing program to ensure appropriate advisement.  Because pre-nursing is not a major, once the liberal education and nursing prerequisite coursework has been completed, students would either be admitted to the nursing program or would need to declare a major to continue toward graduation.  Students benefit greatly from being a part of a major at the start of their college career, with program faculty involvement and program related events.  This is why we are excited to offer the B.S. Healthcare Studies program starting fall 2019, as the ideal option while students prepare to apply to the nursing program.  

This page is designed as a resource page for students interested in the traditional 4 year BSN program. 


Pre-Nursing Eligibility Information (for those not receiving advisement within Healthcare Studies for Fall 2019)

Acceptance into the nursing program is highly competitive.  Qualified students may not be accepted due to program capacity.  For Fall 2019, we accepted approximately 50% of the 120 college student eligible applicants into the B.S. Nursing program.

It is nearly impossible for students who fail to meet the minimum nursing application requirements within their first 24 college credits to be admitted to the traditional BSN program.  For this reason, students are exposed to exploring options within their second semester in the event they no longer qualify for pre-nursing advisement after completing at least 24 college credits.  Please see the link below for more information on pre-nursing eligibility requirements.

Pre-Nursing Eligibility Requirements




Academic advisement is required prior to registration each semester to ensure students are registering for the correct courses, are familiar with on-campus resources and university policies that pertain to academic success, and understand program requirements, expectations and deadlines. 

If you have any questions, please contact Angela Ruggiero at

*If you are not yet a Southern student and would like to schedule an appointment with a transfer student advisor, please contact Academic Advising at 203-392-5367.  

Advisement Sessions & Appointment Information

 If you are a returning student in either Healthcare Studies or Pre-Nursing and would like to schedule a summer advisement appointment, please email Angela Ruggiero or Christopher Sagar.

Incoming transfer students will be emailed instructions on scheduling an appointment once they have confirmed their admission to the university through the Next Steps link in their admissions portal.

Incoming new freshmen will receive their schedules at orientation.


Preparing for Advisement

Students not prepared for their individual appointment will have to reschedule.

Please bring this advisement worksheet (2 pages) to your appointment or group session with each nursing prerequisite written in the semesters you would like to take them.  We will discuss it together and make adjustments where needed. We will also fill in non-nursing requirements together.

You will be expected to have reviewed your degree evaluation to know which requirements you have already met.  Please click on degree evaluation instructions if you do not know how to access your degree evaluation.

Additional information and resources


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