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The curriculum in the undergraduate nursing program is designed as an upper-division major. The program requires a strong liberal arts and science base as a prerequisite to nursing courses. Students complete theory courses in the major as well as hospital and community-based clinical practice. Full-time and limited part-time study options are available.

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Application Process

Pathway #1: Direct Admissions into the Nursing Program

The Direct Admission application pathway is available to all high school senior students who are applying to Southern CT State University. Admission offers for direct admissions are based on the student's high school transcripts and standardized test scores. No additional application materials are required for the application for direct admission into the B.S. in nursing degree program. Applicants must apply to the university through the Common App for Early Action and indicate "Nursing" as their major or first choice.

Direct Admissions criteria: Highly qualified high school applicants with a minimum GPA above 3.2 and combined SAT score above 1070 (or overall ACT score of 21) and math SAT score of at least 570 (or ACT math sub-score of 23) may be invited for Direct Admission.

Only Freshman applications submitted by November 1 will be considered for Direct Admissions and Early Action notification. Completed applications will be notified of admissions beginning December 15. Direct Admissions are limited due to program capacity. Students who are accepted to Southern CT State University but not accepted for direct admissions into the B.S. nursing program are encouraged to attend Southern as a pre-nursing major and apply for admissions into the program in their sophomore year through the Dual Admissions Pathway.

Students accepted through Direct Admissions do not participate in any additional application to the nursing program, and do not take the TEAS test. These students much achieve the following by the end of the Fall semester of their Sophomore year at SCSU in order to progress into the upper division major courses in their Junior year: maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0, completion of at least 7 of the 11 required prerequisite courses with a C+ or greater, and no more than 2 earned grades lower than a C+ for any of the required nursing prerequisite courses.

For more information on the Direct Admissions pathway, please read our Pathways to Acceptance form.

Pathway #2: Dual Admissions, Pre-Nursing

Step One:  Apply to the University 

Individuals interested in applying to the BSN program must first apply to the university and be admitted through Undergraduate Admissions.  Once admitted students are eligible to apply to the nursing program, they must complete a nursing program application (see step two).

Transfer Students:

Visit Undergraduate Admissions Transfer Student for transfer student application and information.

Once admitted to the university, the Office of Undergraduate Admissions will send a transfer credit equivalency worksheet for all credits that were transferable. It will show the courses that transferred from each school along with how they transferred to Southern. Once courses are transferred, a second review will determine how they might apply toward meeting degree requirements. This information will be provided to students during their academic advising appointments. Advisement information will be provided as part of the "Next Steps" once admitted to the university.

Must Read Information: Incoming transfer students admitted to the university after completing 24+ credits who are below a 3.0 CUM GPA at their previous institutions, or have 3 or more nursing prerequisite grades below a C+, are not eligible to proceed as pre-nursing students. Due to limited seats available within the nursing program, it is nearly impossible for students who fail to meet the minimum nursing application requirements within their first 24 college credits to be admitted to the traditional BSN program. For more information on pre-nursing eligibility and how to calculate a CUM GPA, please visit the pre-nursing website. Also, please note that all incoming transfer students should be aware of the BSN application requirements prior to making a financial commitment to the university.

*Please note that students eligible to apply to the nursing program should plan to have their university application submitted with a completed file by Mid-October.  This will allow admissions time to generate a decision early enough for students to then apply to the nursing program by the nursing application deadline.  Please see the next step for additional information.


Step Two:  Apply to the Nursing Program 

Individuals who have been admitted to the university and have successfully met the minimum nursing application requirements, will make an application to the nursing department between November 1st and February 1st.   

Nursing application requirements are as follows:

  • Must be an enrolled/accepted student at the university (SCSU)
  • Minimum CUM GPA of a 3.0 (includes previous institution GPAs)
  • At least 7 of the 11 prerequisite courses completed with a grade of a C+ or higher (grades must be available by the February 1st deadline for them to count in the 7 required for the application)
  • ATI TEAS 6 exam completed through ATI Testing with score submitted by February 1st
  • No more than 2 earned grades lower than a C+ for any of the required nursing prerequisite courses.

Once available, the application will be accessible on this page, as well as through the Nursing Department’s home page.   All information pertaining to the application will be provided on the application itself. 

Important Information 

  • All application requirements must be submitted by the February 1st deadline.
  • Applicants who already hold a Bachelor's degree may not apply to Southern’s BSN program AND the ACE program within the same year.  Please review this program comparison chart to learn the differences between the two programs.
  • Students interested in the program should read the pre-nursing handbook.
  • Students are ineligible to apply for admission to the SCSU Nursing Program if:
    • They have been dismissed for academic or clinical reasons in another nursing program. Applicants who have previously been enrolled in another nursing program should complete the Disclosure Form as part of their application.
    • They are not an accepted student at Southern CT State University.
    • They have more than 2 earned grades lower than a C+ for any of the required nursing prerequisite courses.
    • They have failed to meet benchmark scores on assessment testing in another nursing program.
  • Students are notified of the decision by the nursing department no later than April 1st of each year.

Admission to the Program

Pathway #1: Direct Admissions High school seniors applying Early Action meeting the following criteria may be invited for direct admissions into nursing: minimum GPA above 3.2, combined SAT score above 1070 (or ACT score of above 21), and a math SAT of at least 570 (or ACT math sub-score of 23).

Pathway #2: Dual Admissions, Pre-Nursing Admission to the nursing program is competitive.  Although the minimum CUM GPA required for the application is a 3.0, the average CUM GPA is much higher for those admitted to the program. Qualified applicants may not be accepted because of a limit in the number of clinical placements. 

CUM GPA, GPA in just the prerequisite courses, and the TEAS exam score will be used as a way of evaluating students for acceptance into the nursing program.  Repeated courses impact a qualified applicant's admission decision. Applicants who have more than 2 earned grades lower than a C+ for any of the required nursing prerequisite courses are not eligible to apply. In order to remain competitive throughout the application process, it is highly recommended and encouraged that students are successful in their first attempt at completing prerequisites and refrain from repeating prerequisites.

Approximately 150-180 students apply each year for limited available spots.

Prerequisite Courses

There are 11 prerequisite courses for the nursing program.  A minimum of 7 must be completed with a grade of a C+ or higher by the February 1st application deadline.  ALL 11 must be completed with a C+ or higher by the start of the program.  The program begins the fall semester of each academic year, which allows students to complete any remaining pre-reqs during the spring and summer semesters.

Course Title Credits
BIO 200 Anatomy & Physiology I 4
BIO 201 Anatomy & Physiology II 4
BIO 120 Basic Microbiology 4
CHE 120 General Chemistry 4
CHE 125 Principles & Applications of General, Inorganic, and Biochemistry 4
PHY 103 Physics with Technology for Health Professionals 3
MAT 107 Elementary Statistics 3
MAT 108  Math for Natural Sciences (or MAT112, MAT120, MAT122, MAT130, or MAT150) 3
PSY 100 Introduction to Psychology 3
PSY 219 Lifespan Development 3
ENG 112 Writing Arguments 3

*Although application to the nursing program requires successful completion (C+ or higher) of only 7 pre-reqs from the list above, it is recommended that those admitted to the program have the majority the university’s requirements complete.  No more than 2 earned grades lower than a C+ for any of the required nursing prerequisite courses are allowed for eligibility to apply to our program. Please see “Pre-Nursing Curriculum” in the pre-nursing handbook for information regarding university requirements.  

Transfer Students:

To learn how courses from CT institutions transfer to Southern, please refer to the Undergraduate Admissions Transfer Articulation Request

Applicants at one of the CT Community Colleges may also use this equivalency guide

At this time, all other equivalency information will not be determined until admitted to the university.

Nursing Curriculum

All junior-level courses (300-level) must be completed before senior-level courses (400-level) can be taken.

Course Title Credits
NUR 340 Theoretical Foundations of Professional Nursing 3
NUR 341 Health Assessment 3
NUR 342 Evidence Based Nursing Interventions 3
NUR 343 Integrated Pathophysiology/Pharmacology I 3
NUR 344 Gerontological Nursing-Clinical 2
NUR 350 Therapeutic Nutrition 2
NUR 351 Evidence-Based Nursing Practice 2
NUR 352 Adult Health Nursing-Clinical 4
NUR 353 Integrated Pathophysiology/Pharmacology II 3
NUR 354 Mental Health Nursing-Clinical 3
NUR 430 The Childbearing Family-Clinical 3
NUR 431 The Child Rearing Family- Clinical 3
NUR 432 Adult Response to Complex Stressors-Clinical 4
NUR 433 Theoretical Foundations of Nursing Practice Across the Life Span 3
NUR 442 Community Health Nursing-Clinical 3
NUR 443 Nursing Capstone-Clinical 4
NUR 444 Leadership, Management and Health Care Issues in Nursing 3
  Nursing Electives* 2

* Nursing Elective Courses would include 2 of the following courses: Each of the below is 1 credit.

Course Title
NUR 420 Guided Imagery in Nursing Practice 
NUR  421 Spirituality in Nursing Assessment
NUR 422 Interpersonal Violence and the Critical Role of the Nurse
NUR 423 Transcultural Issues in Nursing 
NUR 424 Therapeutic Touch: Applications to Clinical Practice
NUR 426 The Mind's Role in Illnesses: Applications to Nursing Practice
NUR 428 Legal Issues in Nursing
NUR 498 Special Topics in Health Care


If you are interested in both the traditional BSN and ACE programs, you may be interested in comparing the two.  

For further information contact the Nursing Department.