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Guatemala: Study Abroad - Course Description



Thick jungles, mountain terrain and interior, lakeside Mayan villages provide the backdrop for this intensive public-health investigation in the developing country of Guatemala. Over a 15-day period, this study will address such topics as social, cultural and political determinants of health; health beliefs, practices and status; epidemiology; endemic diseases; environmental health; financing and delivery of health care; nutrition and much more.

While immersed in the rich culture of Guatemala, students will attend daily classes, tour selected health facilities, travel to remote Mayan villages and interact with local residents. The tour also includes recreational and sight-seeing opportunities, highlighted by travel to the magnificent Mayan ruins at Tikal and a visit to the centuries-old marketplace in Chichicastenango.

A unique academic QUEST, which brings students into direct contact with the people of Guatemala, spectacular scenery and the rewarding interaction of participants working closely together, make this an unforgettable learning experience.