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Recreation & Leisure Studies

B.S., Recreation & Leisure Studies

Recreation and Leisure Studies undergraduates focus their learning in one of the following areas:

M.S., Recreation & Leisure Studies

Your advanced degree in Recreation & Leisure Studies will prepare you for higher-level careers in either Recreation Administration or Recreation Therapy. 

Minor in Event Management

Students learn the management skills necessary for the planning, organization, direction, and assessment of special events.

Minor in Leadership Development

Students learn foundational and contextual leadership principles and practice that expand their ability to exercise leadership in their private, professional, and civic lives.


B.S., Sport Management

Students prepare for positions within all sectors of the sport industry, including professional sport, intercollegiate athletics, interscholastic sport, recreational sport, and sport agencies.

M.S., Sport & Entertainment Management

Graduate students prepare for a variety of leadership positions in the sport and entertainment industries.