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One of the key academic and professional development experiences our students receive is field experience through internships. There are generally two internships required of the undergraduate student.

Your first internship follows the junior year after successful completion of prerequisite upper division courses. This 300-level internship is customarily a summer experience, entailing an 8-week, 320-hour exposure in an approved setting under both agency professional and university faculty supervision. 

This internship is followed by additional upper division coursework in preparation for your second internship, a 400-level course the following summer, entailing a 12-week, 480-hour experience with emphasis on supervision, administrative and management duties. 

The two internships combined accumulate 9 credit hours toward your degree and enhance your preparedness for professional employment.

Along with your portfolio, internships fill out your profile as a prepared and well-rounded individual ready for the challenges of the profession. The internship process is an important part of your education, as applying the lessons and theories from Sport Management coursework to practice in real-world sport organizations is the ideal method of preparation for their future careers in the sport industry.


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