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How to Apply for the Master of Social Work Program

What can you do to collect more information about our application process?

  1. Check out our website at this link:
  2. Attend our Open House and Information Session that are offered in the Fall. For open house information email:
  3. Email Judy Cullen ( with any specific questions

 Step by Step Guide to Applying for SCSU’s MSW Program:

  • Please consider attending one of our open houses in the Fall to receive detailed information on our MSW program and how to apply while having the opportunity speak with us and ask questions!
  • There is one application for the School of Graduate Studies, in which the MSW application is embedded, with a $50 fee which can be found at this link:  

  • Applicants will be applying to the School of Graduate Studies in which the MSW application is embedded - if one is accepted to the MSW Program, s/he is then recommended to the Office of Graduate Admissions, which will then determine the final acceptance

Follow the steps below:

  1. We begin accepting applications as of September 1st
  2. Start by reviewing and gathering some of the materials you will need to apply
  3. What you need to apply:
  • Transcripts from every college that you attended (even if it is only for one course) need to be either sent to our processing center by mail to:


Southern Connecticut State University
Office of Graduate Admissions
Application Processing Center
PO Box 8057
Portsmouth, NH 03802

 OR transcripts can be sent by the school through e-scripts, parchment, or clearing house to: 

 *request these early- they can take a while to come in!

*For those applicants who are from SCSU- SCSU will obtain your transcripts

*when you fill out your application with your recommendation writers name, phone, and email address, they will automatically be sent an email and the recommendation writers themselves will send in their recommendation letter. APPLICANTS are responsible for sending the recommendation FORM to the recommendation writer for them to fill out and send to SCSU with their recommendation letter

PLEASE NOTE:  You will only be given access to uploading materials once you “submit” your application. Once this is done, all of the above materials should be uploaded by the applicant themselves EXCEPT for transcripts (if you are requesting that your school send them), letters of recommendation AND recommendation forms (form should be sent by applicant to recommendation writer who must then send in with letter of recommendation) 

**Please allow forty-eight (48) business hours for uploaded materials to be processed.  You will be able to view your documents after that period of time**

  1. Keep in contact with the schools that you have requested transcripts from to make sure that they are delivered successfully to our processing center (by mail or electronically)
  2. Stay in contact with those who are writing your letters of recommendation to be sure they have written your letter, filled out recommendation form, and sent both in to SCSU (link to recommendation form above)
  3. If you have any concerns or questions about your application, email Judy Cullen in the MSW Admissions office:
  4. DO NOT wait until the last minute to check on the status of your materials and application. You will be able to check on your materials by going to the portal, which will look like this:

 For those who are applying for advanced standing:

  • There is an additional application for advance standing embedded in the school of graduate studies application
  • You will need 3 recommendation letters AND forms- one being from your faculty advisor or field seminar instructor
  • You also need to make sure to upload your mid-year field evaluations (for Fall semester)

*For all applicants please go through the checklist below and make sure ALL of the materials are submitted by December 15th!!

Other Admissions information:

For any other admissions information please visit our website:

ALSO, consider attending our open houses and information sessions:

Graduate Admissions Open house: Thursday, October 4 from 3-7 p.m. in the Adanti Student Center ballroom

MSW Program information session: Saturday, October 13 from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m., in Engleman (EN) 121 A/B

Our deadline for accepting applications is December 15, 2018, and there will be NO exceptions made for materials received after that.

Best of luck as you move forward to make a career!