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The Dual Admission Program

A Transfer Compact Program for Connecticut Community College Students

The Connecticut State Colleges and Universities system offers Dual Admission to students who are planning to enroll at Central, Eastern, Southern or Western Connecticut State Universities after completing an associate's degree at a CT community college.

The program permits students to be admitted to a CSU while working to complete an Associate's degree. Upon completion of the associate's degree, they then transfer to the university they have designated.

Use the Transfer Ticket to map out your academic program from start to finish!

The agreement stresses the importance of students receiving early academic advising, coordinated between the community college being attended and the university designated by the student, to ensure a program of study that will result in the smooth transfer of community college course credits. It also significantly expands the privileges that guaranteed admissions students have received in the past.

The Dual Admission Program is Designed for Students Who:

  • Plan to earn an Associate's degree from one of the 12 Connecticut Community Colleges (in five years or less).
  • Plan to pursue a Bachelor's degree at one of the four Connecticut State University institutions beginning within two years of completing an associate's degree.
  • Have earned 15 or fewer transferable college credits at the community college at the time of application to the Dual Admission Program.

Key Features of the Dual Admission Program

  • Guaranteed Admission
  • Coordinated Academic Advising
  • Library Access
  • Registration Preference
  • Smooth Transition

How to Begin

  • Complete the application for admission to one of the 12 community colleges and submit it along with the required application fee directly to the community college.
  • Submit to the community college an official copy of your high school transcript or GED and copies of transcripts from all previously attended colleges/universities.
  • Submit a completed Dual Admission Application, and the application fee of the participating university that you designate, directly to the community college along with your community college application materials.

The Dual Admission application must be signed by a community college advisor before being forwarded to the designated university by the community college contact. You are required to meet with a community college advisor.

The Dual Admission application process is streamlined, allowing students to apply to both a community college and a CSU institution at the same time. Students must designate which of the four universities they plan to attend.

The admission office at Southern Connecticut State University welcomes any questions you may have regarding the dual admission program at Southern. Please call 203-392-5644 to speak to an admissions representative.