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SCSU ViewbookThe academic and social environment at Southern encourages students to discover who they are, why they want to be and how to realize their dreams. We offer a wide range of majors and minors, a vibrant campus, and a commitment to preparing strong leaders.

Outside the classroom, you will keep on learning, about yourself, about other people, and about how to be the person you want to be. Our thriving campus expands your world, supported by a talented and caring community of faculty and staff dedicated to working together to help you succeed as a student and grow as an individual.

Start your search by exploring our viewbook. Here you'll learn some of the facts that make Southern an excellent choice. And you will also discover that Southern is a community of students and faculty, administrators and staff, all dedicated to learning -- learning about ideas and about ourselves. When we talk about "higher education" at Southern, we mean education in all its forms: academic and personal, theoretical and practical, professional and emotional. We are committed to educating the complete person: the person who wants a career and a life!

We invite you to visit our vibrant campus, to see firsthand how Southern can shape your future, and then to join us in pursuing your educational dreams.

Check out our viewbook to get a quick overview of what Southern has to offer you!