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Dear Fellow Alumni/ae,

Robert FelderWelcome to a new academic year. It is a very exciting time to be engaged in the life of our alma mater, and I am honored to be serving as the current President of our Alumni Association. As a member of the SCSU Alumni Association Board of Directors, I have come to admire the dedication of Board members and the many alumni volunteers whose hard work is such an important support to the SCSU community. You, the members of our association, appreciate what the University has done for you and now, in overwhelming numbers, you contribute to scholarship funds, share career and professional expertise, create internships and support today's students as mentors in attaining their academic, career and life goals. On a daily basis, across our University we match the passions of our alumni/ae with the needs of our students.  Thank you.

Dr. Joe Bertolino, our President, has a bold vision for the future of Southern. He has begun the hard work to spread the message of Southern as a premier higher education institution.  As SCSU's alumni/ae we play a critical role in helping to achieve this goal.  The University master plan and President Joe's vision contain many facets.   Growing our superior academic programs, a focus on our place in the community and leadership in social justice, new buildings, new academic program growth, new services required to ensure that students have the best possible chance at a first-rate education... all these things will require new funding, at a time when public funds are diminished to a historic low. More important, I believe, will be the support that you and I can lend by telling our stories. If we share – often and proudly – how Southern helped us achieve our career and life goals, we will help build support for the University that cannot fail to attract highly motivated students and a wider community that will help to support them.

All alumni of Southern are now members of the Alumni Association upon graduation.  To continue assisting our students, I do urge you to Annual Giving Campaign currently in progress. You may make a gift online by clicking here. You may receive a phone call from one of our student phonathon callers and I hope you'll ask questions and give generously in support of our students.  To keep up on future events, check our alumni upcoming events page.
The Alumni Association and the Office of Alumni Relations are working diligently to plan events and build networks that will offer you the opportunity to reconnect with Southern, with each other and with our students – our future alumni. We have a growing number of networks and events for you across Connecticut and across the country. We hope you will attend this year's events, bring fellow classmates from your years at SCSU, and help define ways that our Association can help Southern continue to provide the high quality education that current and future students deserve.
If you have not been back to campus in a while, you will be amazed at the campus and facilities, and you will delight in the warm, welcoming atmosphere. Visit our new home at the Alumni House at 131 Farnham Avenue.  It is a beautiful space for our alumni to gather and a source of pride for all of us.

Please feel free to contact Michelle Johnston, Director of Alumni Relations, at (203) 392-6500.

Best wishes,
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RobertFelder, '08
President, Alumni Association Board of Directors