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Good Samaritan Statement

Southern Connecticut State University encourages living and learning environments that promote the health and safety of all members of the SCSU community. The misuse of alcohol and drugs poses a serious threat to the physical and mental health of the individual and places the entire campus community at risk.

The University expects students to abide by state and federal laws, as well as University policies, regarding alcohol and drug possession and consumption. However, the University recognizes that there may be times when students face medical emergencies involving excessive drinking and/or drug use. This Good Samaritan Statement seeks to diminish fear of disciplinary and conduct sanctions in such situations and to encourage individuals and organizations to seek needed medical attention for students in distress as a result of excessive alcohol and/or drug abuse.

In an effort to foster responsible student behavior and to respect the health and welfare of all members of the SCSU community, if an individual or organization reaches out to a campus official seeking medical attention for him/herself or for another, the student or organization requesting assistance and the student requiring assistance may not be subject to the typical disciplinary sanctions for a violation of campus and drug policies, as long as the individuals or organizations comply with all assessments and follow-up required by the Office of the Dean of Student Affairs.

The Good Samaritan Statement applies only to cases where there is a legitimate concern for a person's well being as a result of excessive alcohol or drug use. Additional infractions occurring simultaneous to the alcohol or drug use (i.e., acts of vandalism, physical assault, disorderly conduct) will be adjudicated separately. If the student is involved in any subsequent or repeat incidents involving misuse of alcohol and other drugs, the situation will be evaluated by the Dean of Students Office to determine if the Good Samaritan Statement applies. Further, this statement applies only to campus disciplinary procedures and does not apply to local, state, and federal processes.