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Curriculum Committee

Chairperson: Dr. Byron Nakamura
Home Department: History

The Curriculum Committee is charged with the responsibility to: "1) recommend to the Graduate Council operating procedures for the submission of new and revised courses, concentrations/specializations, certifications, dual degrees and programs; 2) review proposals for new and revised courses, concentrations/specializations, certifications, dual degrees, joint degrees, and programs and present recommendations to the Council; 3) recommend curricular ideas and innovations to the Graduate Council.”

The Curriculum Committee evaluates new program proposals and revisions, BOR regulations, graduate courses proposals, graduate course minor revisions, and interdisciplinary programs.  All forms can be found by clicking on the "Proposal Forms" link.  The deadline for submissions is noted on the Graduate Course Proposal document.


* Please Note: 

Graduate Program and/or Course Proposals are reviewed in the order in which they are received.  All Graduate Program and/or Course proposals must be submitted to the School of Graduate Studies, Research, and Innovation office no later than the first Monday of the month to be considered for review by the Curriculum Committee during their monthly meeting. However, due to the fact that the volume of proposals may vary from month to month, there is no guarantee that a proposal will be reviewed in the month received by the deadline. Therefore, programs are encouraged to get their proposals in as early as possible.