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Report at Issue (on SCSU Widget): 

Road/Parking Lot Issues

Campus Sidewalk Issues

Outdoor Lighting Issues

Indoor Lighting Issues – Not Dorm Room

Entrance/Exit Door Issues

Public Bathrooms Issues

Indoor/Outdoor Graffiti Issues

Broken windows / Glass


1.      Click "Report an Issue" and drag the red marker to where your issue is located. To better pinpoint your issue location, you can zoom in and zoom out on the map. Once you find your issue location, drop the marker and click "Report here!" 

2.      After clicking "Report an Issue," you will be taken to the report form where you can provide more in-depth information about your issue:

a)      Category: Select the SCSU category that best describes your issue.

b)      Summary: The summary will automatically default to the category you choose. For instance, it may default to "Road/Parking Lot Issues." However, you can provide a more descriptive summary like "Large Pothole Outside Dorm" if desired.

c)   Description: Provide additional details about your issue.  For instance, you can describe the shape and size of the pothole, mention how long it's existed, and anything else that may help get the issue resolved.

d)   Upload an Image:  Attach a phot of your issue (optional). Providing a photo may also help get your issued fixed quicker.

e)      Email address: Include your email address so you can be updated about the issue. You also have the option to attach a display name to your issue.

3.      Once you've completed the form, you can click "Report Your Issue."