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Faculty Development FAQs


Q: When is the due date for project proposals?
A: Each AAUP-funded internal grant has its own due date for project proposals to be submitted to Faculty Development. Here is a general time frame for grants:

    • Faculty Development Grants - for Spring semester projects, 3rd Friday of November; for Fall semester projects, 1st Friday of April
    • Curriculum Grants - 2nd Friday of March
    • CSU Research Grants - 1st of February
    • Faculty Creative Activity Research Grants - March
    • Minority Recruitment and Retention Grants - for Spring semester projects, 1st Friday of December; for Fall semester projects, 1st Friday of April

Q: Was I accepted for the grant?
A: You will receive a letter indicating whether or not your proposal has been funded. 

Q: Did I file a report yet?
A: While we keep this data on file, we also suggest that you keep a copy of any grant reports submitted to our Office in case of any discrepancy.

Q: What are the reviewers looking for and what are the criteria?
A: Each committee has its own respective criteria for a given grant. Please check the request for proposals and guidelines for the given grant. 

Q: I've been awarded at grant. Now what? 
A: Please contact Ms. Amy Taylor, Director of Sponsored Programs and Research, at As of July 1, 2019, SPAR handles post-award administration on AAUP-funded internal grants. 

Q: Why didn't I get funded for "x" grant?
A: The most common reason why a grant proposal does not get funded is because the project outlined in the document does not meet the criteria or fit the purview of the specific grant for which it has been submitted. Often, such proposals may be better suited for a different type of Faculty Development grant or funding source. Faculty Development offers recommendations for improving proposals and/or locating other funding sources. Another common reason a grant proposal does not get funded is because cycles have gotten more competitive over the years with an increased volume of proposals.

Q: Are part-time faculty eligible for grants?
A:  Part-time faculty members are eligible for Faculty Development grants.  


New Faculty Concerns

Q: When will I get my first pay check?
A: There is a two-week hold back period before you may anticipate your first

Payroll check.

Q: Where are some good restaurants close to campus?
A: Stone Hearth, Bella's Cafe, Lena's Cafe and Confections are all located along Whalley Avenue once you make a right off of Fitch Street from campus.

Q: How do I arrange for computer service?
A: Contact the Academic Computing Center, x26444, to set up your Windows and MySCSU accounts and login names and passwords. We also highly recommend you stop by the Faculty Technology Walk-In Center located in Buley Library, Room 309 A, x25061, for instruction on how to use the various platforms, applications and tools available to support your teaching.

Q: How do I arrange phone service?
A: Contact telecommunications at x25453.

Q: What is the policy for dealing with disruptive students?
A: In the case of a disruptive student, faculty should inform the Dean of Student Affairs, the Department Chairperson, and the Academic Dean in writing that a warning has been issued to a student. These guidelines are detailed in the SCSU Policy for Dealing with Disruptive Students. The University has a zero tolerance policy for classroom disruptions.

Q: Who do I approach if I have a student problem?
A: In the case of immediate danger, faculty should contact campus police at x25375. If you are dealing with a disruptive student, please contact Christopher Piscitelli, University Judicial Officer, at x25870, If you have a student in your class who seems to be dealing with a given issue, please refer him or her to Counseling Services at x25475.



Q: What are standards for Promotion and Tenure?
A: Please read the Promotion and Tenure guidelines.

Q: Are tuition waivers available for family members of faculty?

A: Tuition Waiver is available for full-time faculty, their spouses and their children under the age of twenty-five if the members have at least one semester of service (see Article 13.13 of the AAUP/BOT Collective Bargaining Agreement). You must complete a Tuition Waiver form, obtained and approved in the Human Resources Office, and presented to the Bursar's Office when registering. This waiver may be used only on the four CSU campuses.

Q: What is the policy concerning assigning my own intellectual property?

A: Please visit the policy on the Academic Affairs webpage.

Q: How do I RSVP when I wish to attend a workshop?
A: We have developed a system within our web page to streamline the RSVP process. You may also e-mail us at