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faculty mentoring circle

Southern is committed to innovative teaching strategies and to scholarship and creative activity that produces knowledge, refreshes faculty expertise, and amplifies teaching effectiveness. In keeping with that mission, the Faculty Mentoring Circle aims to foster the professional development of all faculty through the guidance, encouragement and support of colleagues of all levels and from all disciplines and schools across the University so they may be successful and productive members of the community. 

The Faculty Mentoring Circle will meet formally four times over the course of the academic year (twice a semester) on campus. Each on-campus gathering will feature discussions facilitated by faculty who are informative on themes generated by Circle members. Circle members are also encouraged to be in contact outside of on-campus meetings. To that end, there will be an online space to supplement the meetings where Circle members can upload and share resources and stay in contact.

Please e-mail us at to indicate your interest in joining the Faculty Mentoring Circle. 

More details about the Circle will appear on this web page. Stay tuned!