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Establishing a Banner Account

 spar logoWhen an award notification is received, it is to be forwarded to the director of SPAR, along with the detail budget and the grant terms and conditions.

The director of SPAR will have the post-award administrator review the grant contract package and then develop a Grant Award Data Summary (GADS).

The GADS will be attached to an org create form and forwarded to the PI.

The PI will review and approve the GADS and Banner Organization Create Request form and return the signed org create form back to SPAR. The GADS is retained by the PI

Once an approval is obtained, the post-award administrator will forward the completed Banner Organization Create Request form and the GADS to the grants accountant.

The grants accountant will review the information in the GADS and insure that it is proper to add to Banner. When found acceptable, the org create package is sent to the comptroller to have an organization number assigned.

When the org number is assigned, Accounting will send the information to Budgets. Budgets posts the information into Banner.

At this time the PI may start using the grant funds.