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commencement$75,542 =  cost to attend Southern for an additional year plus the estimated loss of first year's annual starting salary for college graduates, according to  SAVE MONEY by graduating in four years!

$59 = cost for every 2018-19 class.  Go to class!

-2% savings rate for adults < 35; 3% for 35-44, 6% for 45-54 and 13% for 55 and older.  Moody's Analytics study

70% of College Students Stressed about Finances article

Changing Profiles of Student Borrowers report

Student loan Debt:

  •  More than 40 million Americans have such debt in excess of $1.5 trillion (and $2 trillion by 2020 on current trend).

  • Student Loan Hero reports the average student debt for the Class of 2017 was $39,400

  • Student Debt Snapshot from Comet Financial Intelligence

  • Recent Southern alumni median loan debt is $26,946 and average repayments of $272 monthly.

  • National college 4 year loan default rate is 11.3%.

  • Southern has a 6.3% loan default rate for 2015.

  • 7 Ways to Save on Student Loans article

  • Keep student loan debt less than your starting salary

  • It’s much cheaper to save money than to borrow it

  • Money is important as is sound financial guidance

  • Three ways to graduate college student loan debt free

“Live like a student in college, so that you don’t have to live like ONE after graduation”


Financial aid refunds often result from the over borrowing of student and/or parent loans. Read more.

 How to save money while in college:

  • Buy used or rent textbooks

  • Use college student discounts

  • Use prepaid meal plan instead of eating out

  • Resist impulse buying and buy what you need using coupons and sales

  • Stay healthy to avoid medical bills

  • Understand your cell phone plan

  • Brew your own coffee

  • Make a budget and stick to it

  • Keep good records of all your finances

Net price = Cost of Attendance – Gift Aid

Net Cost = Cost of Attendance – Financial Aid

Financial Need = Cost of Attendance – EFC (estimated family contribution)