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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can we get on your mailing list for event notifications? 

Yes, you can get on our mailing list. Please call (203) 392-5888, or send us an e-mail at with your name and we will notify you when the SCSU Multicultural Center (MCC) is having an event.


  1. Can someone come out to speak at our school, university, community center, etc?

Yes, as professionals in Higher Education, it would be our pleasure to speak to your students about the college experience, as well as what to expect the first year. It is also our pleasure to speak to the community about what we do at the MCC and the type of programs we present to the campus and surrounding community. Just call the MCC at (203) 392-5888  for more information.


  1. Can we get video copies of your past events? 

We loan our video copies of past events on a temporary basis out to the staff and students just as we loan the books from our resource library. To qualify, you must be enrolled at SCSU. You must come in to the office (Student Center Room 234) and bring a current Hoot Loot identification card and fill out a loan form.


  1. Can we/my class visit your Center for a tour? 

Yes, our office is located in the Adanti Student Center Room 234. We are open from 8:30am to 4:30pm for tours. Please call (203) 392-5888 in advance of your visit.


  1. Will you co-sponsor an event with our department/organization?

Yes, we do co-sponsor events with on-campus departments and occasionally with organizations off-campus per the state guidelines.


  1. What do you do?

The SCSU Multicultural Center (MCC) is a resource center for all students and the community. We provide Multicultural programming so that students, faculty and staff can come together and appreciate each others cultural diversity. In addition, the MCC provides a place for all people to relax and exchange ideas; this is accomplished by holding programs such as, lectures, art exhibitions, and international movies, and having a warm and amicable Multicultural staff to promote awareness which helps to create a positive environment. Furthermore, we also work with area schools to sponsor cultural programming. The MCC also provides a book/video library exchange where students are able to borrow books or videos that they need for their classes. In addition, we have the CONNCAS book loan program in which students have to apply for, however, they must meet some requirements to qualify for the book loan. The MCC staff also works with the ethnic student clubs on campus to foster communication and share their interest and culture to the campus community. The MCC is a place where all people are welcomed; we educate, we celebrate, and we have fun.


  1. How can I join the Center?

The MCC is not a club that you join; however, if you are interested in joining one of the clubs that are affiliated with the MCC, we can lead you in that direction. What we can do is place your name on our e-mail list so that you will receive all of our events. If you are able to attend our events, your support would be greatly appreciated.


  1. Can I volunteer to help at the Center? I am not sure how this process works.

Yes, we recruit volunteers to help with our program planning and we occasionally get requests for volunteers to help with off-campus projects. If you are interested in volunteer work, please call (203) 392-5888.


  1. How do I qualify for a book loan?

In order to qualify, you can pick up an application for the CONNCAS Book Program in our office, located in the Adanti Student Center Room 234. You must be currently enrolled at SCSU. You must have an overall GPA of a 2.0 from Southern and have attended school here at least one semester. You have to show proof that you are in financial need, and provide a copy of your class schedule with a current bill attached. You must also sign a release for permission to view your records. The loan program is held only during the Fall and Spring Semesters and the deadline for application is usually about the same time as class registration. Please call (203) 392-5888 for more information.


  1. What is the ethnic enrollment breakdown for SCSU students? 

The total full-time undergraduate ethnic enrollment breakdown for SCSU as of the Fall 2013 is as follows:

American Indian/Alaskan Native 0.20%

Asian 2.4%

Black 13.8%

Hispanic   10.1%

White 71.5%

Non-Resident Alien 0.50%

Unknown 7.4%


Minority Percentage 28.5%

*Only italicized categories are included in the minority count.