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Learning Communities

In your first semester at Southern, you will travel through two or three of your required courses with the same group of 20 students, giving you a great opportunity to make friends, form study groups, and take on academic challenges together as you learn your way around campus.

Of course, you'll meet lots of other students and professors -- in your other classes, the residence halls, through clubs, and sports. But this group of 20 will be something special -- a cohort of classmates together for a key part of your transition to college.

Students tell us they appreciate the chance to get to know a diverse group of people during such an important time. And our faculty report that learning communities foster a deeper level of engaged participation in the classroom experience.

All first-time Southern students take part in one of two learning communities during their first semester at Southern: INQUIRY,or the Honors College. During New Student Orientation, an adviser will discuss your learning community with you.