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for parents and guardians

Welcome Parents and Guardians... FYE at Southern, your student's home base for programs, resources, and support for a great first year at Southern and beyond.


FYE supports your student's college career in a number of important ways:

Academics -- through innovative first-semester learning communities, your student will grow as a critical thinker, developing the skills needed to take on college study.  Through close partnerships with learning community classmates, study groups, and advisers, your student will have the chance to develop the kinds of strategies, skills, and relationships that support successful students.

Community -- FYE will help to connect your student to the Southern community, serving as a friendly clearinghouse for resources, contacts, ideas, and solutions. FYE helps students become part of the college community by showing them how.

Individual -- FYE will help foster the personal growth of your son or daughter into a successful college student through mentoring and advising, connection to service opportunities, academic workshops, and much more.

Please explore the site and get to know what FYE is all about.