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Apply to Graduate

Graduation is not automatic; students must apply to graduate and receive their degree or certificate by the published deadline below.  

Degrees and certificates are awarded at the end of the fall, winter, spring, or summer term in which all degree requirements have been met.  Diplomas are mailed approximately two months after the degree has been awarded.

If you are uncertain when you will be completing all of your requirements, please speak with your major adviser or graduate coordinator.

Fall 2019

Apply online by April, 1, 2019.

Winter 2019-20

Apply online by April 1,2019.

Spring 2020

Apply online by September 10, 2019.

Summer 2020

Apply online by September 10, 2019.

Missed the deadline?  

To request an application for a previous term, please email the Degree Auditor for your program from your SCSU email account, subject line:  MISSED DEADLINE, and include your full name, student ID number, and telephone  number.  If you find that you may finish at an earlier or later date, please contact your Degree Auditor to have your application moved to the appropriate term.


Undergraduate Students who have been cleared by the Registrar’s Office to graduate during the current academic year (Fall 2018 thru Summer 2019) are eligible to participate in the commencement ceremony held in May 2019.  This includes students who have completed their degree requirements; and, students that have earned more than 100 credits (including in-progress credits), and will be completing their degree during the spring or summer term. 

Graduate Students who wish to participate in the annual graduate commencement ceremony must complete the Commencement Participation Form online at: by the published deadline. 

For more information on commencement please visit:  Academic regalia for commencement are available through the Southern Barnes & Noble Bookstore.