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Sabbatic Leave


Sabbatic leave is granted for purposes of scholarly and creative endeavors that strengthen the professional competence or enrich the teaching or equivalent professional responsibilities of members. All proposals for such leave must merit approval on the basis of these standards. Application procedures and guidelines are laid out in the Senate Sabbatical Leave document.  Visit Senate Documents or contact Marlene Cordero, (203) 392-5537, in Human Resources for documents. Sabbaticals are also addressed by Article 13.7 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Who is Eligible

Tenured faculty with at least six years of service at SCSU. After a sabbatical leave, a person does not again become eligible until the completion of an additional six years of full-time service.

What You Will Receive

One semester at full pay, or one year at half pay.

How to Apply

Application and procedures are described in the Senate Sabbatical Leave document which may be obtained visiting Senate Documents or by contacting Marlene Cordero, (203) 392-5537, in Human Resources. Candidates must notify the offices and people listed in the document by the dates established each fall semester.

When to Apply

In the fall for the following academic year. Dates and procedures are published annually in the Senate Sabbatical Leave document.

Sabbatical recipients are required to file a report when they return. Reports are kept in Buley Library and are listed in the online catalog.

For more information:

Human Resources
(203)  392-5567