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Suggested items to bring to campus. We recommend talking to your roommate, if applicable, to avoid duplicating items that can be shared (i.e. television).

  • Alarm clock
  • Area rug or room carpet
  • Backpack
  • Computer (don't forget a lock for laptops)*
  • Dishes, cups, silverware
  • Fan*
  • Hangers for clothes
  • HDMI cable
  • Iron***
  • Keurigs or Automatic Shut-Off Coffee Pots***
  • Laundry detergent and basket
  • Pens, pencils, notebooks, and other school supplies
  • Pillow, bedding, mattress cover (twin extra-long)
  • Room decorations
  • Shower tote, robe, shower sandals
  • Small garbage can
  • Stapler, scissors, paper clips, tape
  • Surge protectors*
  • Tissues and paper towels
  • Toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, soap, cosmetics
  • Towels
  • TV
  • Umbrella

Apartment and Suite residents may also want to bring:

  • Bathmat
  • Bathroom cleaning supplies
  • Pots, pans, cooking utensils
  • Toilet paper


*All appliances must be UL approve/listed
***May only be used in utility rooms or rooms with kitchens