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Benefits of Living On Campus

Most SCSU freshmen choose to live on campus and experience greater satisfaction with their college experiences as a result. Students living on campus:

  • Are more satisfied with their living environments
  • Persist and graduate with greater frequency
  • Meet more diverse people and experience a wide range of ideas and cultures
  • Are more likely to enter graduate school
  • Have increased contact with faculty, staff and peers
  • Are more likely to develop healthy self-sesteem
  • Develop strong interpersonal skills

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Advantages of Living On Campus At SCSU


Housing rates include electricity, heat, water, sewer, waste removal, Internet connection, cable television, microfridge combination unit, access to common room lounges featuring recreation equipment, and much more! On-site laundry is also available at minimal cost to students per load.

Great location

Living on campus places students within walking distances of classes, labs, the library, theater, dining and athletic facilities. SCSU features a traditional dining hall, convenience stores, and specialty restaurants in the Adanti Student Center.

Achieve academic success

Residential students typically earn higher GPAs than commuter students. Living on campus supports academic success because students:

  • Live among people of common interests and majors
  • Benefit from high-speed Internet connections in their rooms
  • Have access to residence hall computer labs
  • Experience nightly quiet hours within their residence halls
  • Participate in educational programs and one-on-one academic success meetings with Residence Hall staff members 

Leadership opportunities

Residential students encounter additional leadership opportunities:

  • Residence Hall Councils: student-run governing body within each residence hall that helps plan educational and social activities, recommend improvements, and advise staff members on policy issues
  • Residence Hall Association (RHA): student-run governing body for all residence halls that helps unite students from all nine residence halls, plan campus activities, and develop further leadership skills
  • Residence Advisor position: peer leaders who serve as direct mentors for students living on each floor of a residence hall

Broaden your horizons

Residential students come from across the state, country, and world; students who live on campus make friendships and memories that will last a lifetime.  Involvement opportunities include field trips, theatrical and musical performances, workshops, guest speakers, sports and impromptu gatherings. The Residence Hall staff host over 300 social, cultural, and educational programs each year.