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First Generation

Residence Hall: Wilkinson

First GenerationThe First Generation Living-Learning Community is designed to provide support to students who are one of the first in their families to go to college. Whether selecting classes or understanding financial aid, aspects of university life may be confusing to any student--and particularly first generation students. This community will focus on the shared experiences and sense of responsibility many first generation students feel as they navigate their college life.  Specific programming will feature topics such as utilizing the resources of the on-campus student support offices, the importance of getting involved on campus, and ways to plan for financial well-being. Additional support for members of this community will be provided by SCSU students leaders who have experienced being a first generation college student and who are looking to share their experience with their younger peers.

Your INQ course will be specific to this community (all first-year students are required to take an INQ course).

Students that live in the First Generation LLC will:

  • Become familiar with and learn to properly utilize campus resources.
  • Build relationships with other first generation college students.
  • Attend programs that help students understand the financial aid process, professional development skills, and other essential tools for student success.

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