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Goals of the Office for STEM

  1. Provide infrastructure supporting SCSU Centers of Excellence;
  2. Facilitate and promote innovations in undergraduate and graduate STEM teaching and research;
  3. Build and support interdisciplinary teams of SCSU faculty and students to conduct STEM research and education projects;
  4. Facilitate and promote entrepreneurial initiatives via cross university and industry collaboration
  5. Research, develop, and incubate new certificate, degree and professional development training programs;
  6. Strengthen professional relationships and coordinate outreach to regional industry;
  7. Develop, coordinate, and promote new and existing STEM-related public outreach to the Southern Connecticut region;
  8. Develop and maintain a STEM resource center for in-service & pre-service teachers, SCSU faculty, industry volunteers and other local stakeholders;
  9. Enhance teaching and learning of STEM for pre-service and in-service teachers;
  10. Provide resources and expertise in STEM education research to SCSU faculty, students and the community.