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Student Programs

STEM Tutoring Hours at the Academic Success Center
The Academic Success Center facilitates STEM tutoring for SCSU students. Additional hours and department representation will be updated throughout the semester.

STEM Study Halls at the Academic Success Center 
The Academic Success Center facilitates STEM study halls for SCSU students.Additional hours, Academic Specialists, and department representation will be updated throughout the semester. Please contact Sheila Corressel with questions about the program.  


Please contact Katie De Oliveira, Director of the Academic Success Center, for more information.

PAcE- Pathways to AcademiExcellence

The PAcE program provides scholarships to students who major in chemistry, biology, computer science, earth science, mathematics, or physics - including our engineering concentration. In addition, we offer forensics and environmental science minors, with a major in one of the disciplines listed above. PAcE scholarships pay for any allowable educational expense up to $10,000 per year for four years of study at Southern Connecticut State University. PAcE scholarship recipients will become part of a carefully mentored learning community and will be provided a computer. Research and/or internship opportunities begin in the freshman year, as well as access to additional funds to support participation in research conferences

CRISP Research Experiences for Undergraduates

The CRISP Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) is supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF) as a Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (MRSEC) program. The CRISP REU fellowship program provides students with the opportunity to conduct team-based interdisciplinary materials research through both academic year and summer research opportunities for undergraduate students - academic year REUs are available for students at Yale and SCSU. During the course of this eight-week summer research program, REU Fellows conduct research under the advisement of a university faculty mentor and postdoctoral fellows and graduate students within the research group. The REU experience is based on a very successful collaborative team-based model developed as one of CRISP’s signature programs (MIMER). Specifically, a team of researchers with various academic backgrounds are brought together to research a topic of common interest. These teams make use of shared research/teaching facilities at both Yale and SCSU. These collaborative research groups encourage synergy and foster the formation of mentoring relationships among team members who are recruited broadly with an emphasis on underrepresented populations

Industry Academic Fellowship Program

The Werth Family Foundation sponsored Industry Academic Fellowship (IAF) program at the ConnSCU-CNT provides undergraduate and graduate students with the opportunity to conduct team-based interdisciplinary research. During the course of this eight-week summer program, IAF students will conduct research in collaboration with educators and industry professionals, while exploring the business-related aspects of technology. Students will work part-time on their projects during the Spring and Fall semesters. Research teams will be working on nanotechnology projects with topics including nano-medicine and nano-environmental studies.