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Strategic Plan Implementation

Discover Southern: A University for the 21st Century

Under Southern’s new academic leadership, the Strategic Plan Implementation Committee is excited to work on the implementation of Southern’s Strategic Plan for 2015-2025 entitled, Discover Southern: A University for the 21st Century.

Discover Southern is based on the following four foundational goals:

The full strategic plan includes 4 goals, 24 objectives and 141 Action Steps to achieve these goals.

Strategic Plan Implementation Committee


The Strategic Plan Implementation Committee is composed of a Steering Committee and four Goal Committees assigned to each of the four goals represented in the Strategic Plan.  The Steering Committee includes the President’s Cabinet, co-chairs for each of the four goals, and co-chairs overseeing the full Strategic Implementation Committee.  To foster a smooth transition into the implementation phase, the majority of the goal co-chairs also served as goal co-chairs during the planning and development stages of the Strategic Plan.  

The Goal Committees are composed of constituents from across all areas of the university.  This includes representation of faculty from each of the four academic schools (School of Arts & Sciences, School of Business, School of Education and the School of Health & Human Resources), the Faculty Senate, the Administrative Senate, clerical staff and both undergraduate and graduate students.

Implementation Progress

Visit this site often to get updates on the actions being undertaken to implement the strategic plan. The implementation steering committee meets once a semester, with more regular meetings held by the goal committees and led by the goal co-chairs. 

Implementation Committee Co-Chairs

Lisa Lancor (CSC, Faculty)
Mark Rozewski (Executive Vice President of Finance and Administration)