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Goal Four

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Provide exemplary, ethical stewardship of human, financial, technological, and physical capital.

Southern will build on its success and optimize its strong and diverse human, physical, technical, and financial networks and resources. Southern's commitment to its people, campus climate, processes, and products makes it an exceptional learning and work environment. We seek to honor and cultivate the key values of civility, respect, excellence, efficiency, collaboration, innovation, balance, and sustainability.


a.    Foster a culture of inclusion, support, and success for faculty, staff, and students.

b.    Transform the physical environment and infrastructure of the university and expand the university’s position as a nationally recognized leader in sustainability.

c.    Provide an accessible, seamless, state-of-the art digital experience for every member of the campus community.

d.    Advance university-wide processes to maximize effectiveness and efficiency.

e.    Build a climate and infrastructure that supports and increases the university’s financial well-being.

f.    Maximize external financial support to keep Southern sustainable well into the future.



Sousan Arafeh (EDL, Faculty)
Mark Rozewski (Executive VP of Finance and Administration)


Giovanni D'Onofrio (Administrative Senate)
Sandip Dutta (Faculty, SOB)
Mia Brownell (Faculty, A&S)
Alan Brown (Faculty Senate)
Robin Peters (Clerical)