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Goal One - Objective A - Action Steps

Be a recognized leader for teaching, learning, and student success.

Action Steps

1.    Complete a fully operational Student Success Center.
2.    Strengthen academic and career advisement.
3.    Actively pursue innovative and emerging pedagogical practices to support the diverse learning needs and styles of students.
4.    Increase academic experiential learning opportunities.
5.    Support existing and encourage new experiences and opportunities to enhance students’ intellectual, personal, and professional growth.
6.    Enhance students' health and wellness.
7.    Develop financial literacy with students, families, and advisers.
8.    Maintain Southern’s exemplary student-faculty ratio.
9.    Explore, implement, and assess best practices to evaluate teaching effectiveness.
10.    Enhance instructional design support for pedagogy to increase student achievement.
11.    Enhance classroom and learning environments, including technological capabilities, to enable faculty to deliver 21st-century learning experiences.