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Goal One

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Provide exemplary, transformative, and accessible education in a student-centered environment.

Southern is a comprehensive university dedicated to innovative teaching and to deep, broad, and powerful learning in the classroom and beyond. Southern will continue to build upon its strong foundation in the arts and sciences, professional disciplines, and enduring commitment to social justice. Effective collaborations within Southern energize various groups within our university, all 0f which play critical roles in supporting learning and the success of our undergraduate and graduate students. Faculty and staff cultivate minds and challenge students to reach their full potential. Southern promotes rigorous educational programs to provide opportunities for all students in the pursuit of knowledge, and helps those flourish who have not done so before. We value collaborative processes and student accountability in learning. Meaningfully engaged students are critical participants in their own education. Southern's transformative educational culture inspires the pursuit of intellectual, personal, and professional growth.


a.  Be a recognized leader for teaching, learning, and student success.

b.  Attract, retain, support, and recognize teacher-scholars and staff who demonstrate commitment to student and university excellence.

c.  Develop an enrollment management strategy that includes attracting and retaining high-achieving students who are academically prepared, while advancing the university’s mission of educational access.

d.  Embrace diversity and nurture inclusivity to enable faculty, staff, and students to learn and live fully engaged in a global and multicultural society.

e.  Increase interdisciplinary and interdepartmental collaboration across the university.

f.  Strategically review, strengthen, and enhance academic and co-curricular offerings.



Matthew Rothbard (EXS, Faculty)
Sal Rizza (New Student and Sophomore Programs)


Arnold (AJ) Bilotta (Administrative Senate)
Rebecca Harvey (Faculty, HHS)
Yan Wei (Faculty, SOE)
Becky Kuzmich (Student, Undergrad)
David Pettigrew (Faculty Senate)