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Goal Two - Objective C - Action Steps

Become a recognized leader in best practices relative to research, scholarship, creative activity, and innovation.

ACtion Steps

1.    Examine peer institutions to determine best practices.
2.    Expand research, scholarship, and creativity activity support for faculty, including research-reassigned time and funding.
3.    Increase start-up funds and equipment for new faculty.
4.    Examine and restructure staffing to aid in grant writing and expertise in securing funding.
5.    Expand support for those with large, complex grants.
6.    Develop a system to manage the processes, interagency agreements, and policies that safeguard the intellectual property resulting from collaboration with external entities.
7.    Devote fundraising efforts and resources in the library to allow for greater access to journals and texts necessary for faculty.
8.    Provide clear guidelines for expectations regarding scholarship, research, and creative activity relative to the tenure and promotion process.