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Goal Two - Objective E - Action Steps

Support initiatives that foster hubs of intellectual activity and interdisciplinary and interdepartmental collaborations.

Action Steps

1.    Develop “Centers of Intellectual Inquiry” in each of the academic schools and have faculty determine the mission and operation for interdisciplinary and interdepartmental collaborations both within the school and across to other academic schools.
2.    Develop competitive research assistantships at undergraduate and graduate levels to foster student-faculty intellectual engagement.
3.    Increase funding for the Faculty Creative Activity Grant and create seed grants to support research time and provide stipends for collaborative scholarly activity.
4.    Develop more support for participation in conferences and workshops on campus.
5.    Develop support for international interdisciplinary and interdepartmental collaborations between Southern faculty, staff, and students and potential global partners.
6.    Create on-campus physical spaces that are cyber-equipped, where members of the Southern community can gather to brainstorm, share creative activities, and exchange ideas.