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Goal Two

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Develop and sustain a university-wide climate and infrastructure that nurtures research, scholarship, creativity, and innovation.

Southern will be known as an institution that encourages, supports, and celebrates innovative research, scholarship, creative activity, and entrepreneurial initiatives. We will clear the obstacles that block the pursuit of creativity and innovation through the creation of a campus infrastructure that supports and encourages these activities across the university. By actively fostering relationships throughout the campus and with private organizations, government agencies, and other institutions, Southern will create an environment in which creative ideas, scholarly pursuits, and entrepreneurial endeavors are nurtured and applauded.


a.    Create an organizational structure at the university that facilitates and supports all types of research, scholarship, creative activity, and innovation.

b.    Identify and foster opportunities for partnerships with external entities.

c. Become a recognized leader in best practices relative to research, scholarship, creative activity, and innovation.

d.    Enhance recognition and reward structures to sustain a climate of creativity and innovation.

e.    Support initiatives that foster hubs of intellectual activity and interdisciplinary and interdepartmental collaborations.

f.    Institutionalize successful creative and entrepreneurial endeavors.



Betsy Roberts, (BIO, Faculty)
Christine Broadbridge (Graduate Studies, Research & Innovation, Dean)


Leilannie Quintana (Administrative Senate)
Patrick Heidkamp (Faculty, A&S)
Peter Latchman (Faculty, HHS)
Beena Achhpal (Faculty Senate)
Mehdi Hossain (Faculty, SOB)