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The prospect of selling yourself to potential employers in only one or two pages may seem impossible, but these resume samples will help to get you off to a good start. They are MS Word documents, so you can manipulate them to create a resume that reflects your own skills and experience. Find your School to view a resume that has been tailored towards your goals. 

School of Education

Sample Resume

School of Business 

Sample Resume

School of Health and Human Services

Sample Resume

School of arts and science

Sample Resume

School of Graduate Studies

Sample Resume

Resume construction

Meet our Career Peer Team. Our team has been trained in resume writing and development to be able to advise peers on early resume formatting and constructing. If you have never created a resume, email: for an appointment. 

If you have created a resume before, Contact the appropriate Career Coach. 

Resume Tips and guides

Download our Career Advising Handbook for resume samples to help you with creating your own document.