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Learning Management System (BB Learn 9)

Learn 9

Blackboard Learn 9 is a learning management system used for course delivery and management. Your instructor may or may not use Learn 9 so please contact them for any questions regarding course content.

To login to Learn 9, go to the SCSU Portal:

Tutorials and Documentation

The above link will direct you to pages containing support information for Learn 9. Video tutorials as well as documentation are available and separated by subject.

Supported Browsers

The following link contains the latest information on supported web browsers and operating systems: Supported Browsers.

"Certified" is the highest ranking given by Blackboard and browsers with this designation will encounter the fewest problems. For PCs, Internet Explorer and Firefox are "Certified" Learn 9 browsers. For Macs, Firefox and Safari are "Certified" Learn 9 browsers.

Don't know what browser you have? Use this browser check to have a report returned of the status of all settings required to work within Learn 9: Browser and Settings Check.

Where to Go for Help

Please read the following very carefully.

Issues within Learn 9 come under two different categories, each requiring you to take a different course of action when seeking help.

1) Logging in and/or having access to your course(s)

If you are unable to login to Learn 9 or you cannot see the course(s) you are assigned or enrolled in, please contact the SCSU Helpdesk at 203/392-5123. Due to security reasons, the helpdesk cannot respond to password issues via email.

2) Content Specific Issues

If you are a faculty member and are having issues with content (posting documents, setting up tests, using tools, etc.), please contact the SCSU Helpdesk at 203/392-5123.

If you are a student and are having issues with content inside a course, please contact your professor. Because course content is protected, OIT is unable to enter a course without explicit permission by your professor. If your professor is unable to address the issue on his or her own, they can contact the SCSU Helpdesk for support at 203/392-5123.

In order to provide support when contacting the helpdesk, we ask that you have the following information on hand and that you include it in the request for help:

  • The course you were in when the problem occurred (e.g., COM-205-02)
  • The approximate time the issue occurred
  • As much detail as possible about what browser you are using, what operating system you are on and what you were trying to accomplish at the time of failure.